JP 2015 Jan Ski Appi, Zao

Appi Kogen – 2 day ski

1st time staying in a pension. Owners were extremely cordial. Had dinner with their parents on one night. On our last dinner a deer hunted by them was grilled in the fireplace.


Yamagata Zao – 2 day ski

After skiing in Appi for 2 days, went to Yamagata Zao for another 2 days for the 1st time. Had known about these tree monsters (Juhyo) before, but it was really captivating being surrounded by thousands of them. The whole scene was surreal as if we were on another planet!

Juhyo may or may not be seen even in close range, much depending on weather condition. When the mt top is shrouded in mists/clouds, nothing can be seen. A local senior couple whom we met in the onsen ryokan for dinner went up there w/o seeing anything. We were lucky to catch a glimpse of them when the mists suddenly cleared up for about 30min when we were having a late lunch up there.

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