JP 2015 Oct Hiking

Summit Kengamine of Mt Norikura @3026m


Took shuttle bus from Norikura Kogen @1400m and reached Norikura Sancho Tatami-daira 乗鞍山頂畳平 (terminal) at 2700m in about 1 hr. (private car is not allowed). Helpful visitor centre staff offered map and advice to approach the summit. The first 30 min was an easy trek, followed by a steep climb to the summit in another 60min. Rocky boulders were everywhere so mountain boots and hiking poles would be highly recommended. Was thrilled to be walking above the clouds. There were many people going up and down that morning, including kids. By the time i reached the summit many people were up there. Unfortunately, there were mist and clouds around the summit level so could not see the rest of the JP Alps. Not far down from the summit was a small pond in turquoise water – not sure if it’s from natural hotspring or rain.

Surprisingly, a Jingu was up there and a local in Jingu costume selling souvenirs. And in a mt hut at 2900m one could have fresh coffee etc. Totally amazing !

This hiking route opens from July till late Oct, when there is no snow or severe weather.



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