JP 2008 Oct Hokkaido (Part 1)

In this Koyo trip, we visited Hokkaido from mid to late Oct starting from Shikotsu-ko, Toya-ko, Niseko, Cape Kamui, Hoheikyo, Otaru, Sapporo and Hakodate.


First stay right after landing in nearby New Chitose airport, about 30min by car.  Deep-blue lake in peak Koyo.



Koyo was a bit after peak. Nevertheless, it was a sunny day and it was my first shots on fireworks.


visited Shinsen-numa for the 1st time. Koyo was clearly beyond peak in mid-Oct due to higher elevation. Refer to our trip in Oct 2013 when we visited 1 week earlier to catch peak Koyo.



Half-moon lake

At the foothill of Mt Yotei, about 15-20min walk from car park through a forest of White Birch (Shirakaba in Japanese).

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