JP 2011 June Hokkaido (Part 1)

Visited Hokkaido in late June for 1 week after the 3.11 Tohoku big earthquake to support Japan.


CTS > Yubari > Tokachigawa onsen > Furano > Toya-ko > Sapporo


After a brief overnight stay in Yubari, drove to Obihiro and stayed in our favourite Tokachigawa onsen with ensuite rotenburo again.





stopped by serene Kanayama-ko while driving en route to Furano.


Tomita Farm

flowers were blooming such as Iris, Dahlia, Gazania, Poppy and early Lavender indoor flower beds etc.

Senbou-toge, Flowerland

Stopped by Senbou-toge for panoramic view of Tokachi plain, and to our surprise Wisteria (Fuji) was blooming in the resting area. Wild Lupins were blooming here and there on the road side and Flowerland.

Shikisai-no-oka, Biei Patchwork Road

Dropped by Shikisai-no-oka as usual and had quick lunch there. Re-visited some famous trees in that area before visiting the Philosophical Tree. We did not realize this would be our last encounter 🙁



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3 thoughts on “JP 2011 June Hokkaido (Part 1)”

  1. Hi, is it possible to see those threes using public transportation e.g. train or bus from Asahikawa?

  2. Hi Mev,

    If you’re referring to the farms and spots in Biei+Furano, No.
    These are widely spread apart and better visit by car.
    If you don’t drive, consider joining sightseeing tours by bus in Biei.


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