JP 2017 Koyo (Part 1)

First koyo trip in 2017 which span for 2 weeks in late October – Okunikko, Kamikochi, spots in Nagano Prefecture, Myoko Kogen and Naruko.

We had originally planned to take a boat ride again in Mogamigawa in Yamagata Prefecture, but due to typhoon 22 which brought heavy rain and windy weather to Tohoku, we had to drop it.

We travelled by trains to the nearest stations and picked up cars to visit all those locations (except for Kamikochi). In between we returned to Tokyo for breaks during weekends to avoid crowds.


Okunikko (奥日光)

Our 5th visit but first time by car approaching from Takasaki in Gumma Prefecture.

After landing in Tokyo, we travelled to Takasaki by Shinkansen, picked up car and headed to Ikaho onsen overnight.

==> Ikaho onsen stay


It was raining when we checked out. We drove along the Romantic Road passing the Oze-kogen and headed towards Yunoko @1500m in Okunikko. Koyo was in peak though the lake was obscured in fog/mist.  Next we drove to Yudaki waterfall slightly downhill.



Senjougahara (戦場ヶ原) and Ryuzu falls (竜頭ノ滝)

Before reaching Chuzenji-ko @1200m, visited these spots along the way. Peak koyo in Ryuzu falls as well, as in the feature photo.


==> Part 2 ==>


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