JP 2017 Koyo (Part 5)

Myoko Kogen (妙高高原)

Myoko Kogen is in Niigata Prefecture and is close to Nagano city.

We visited a few koyo spots there and stayed in an onsen hotel at 1000m with views of mountains, lake and sea of clouds !

Naena-taki (苗名滝)

Another top 100 waterfalls in Japan. Koyo was in peak there.


==> Akakura Kanko hotel

Dusk till dawn

views from hotel room shortly before sunset and sunrise. For more views of sea of clouds, refer to the link above.


After checking out from hotel on the next morning, we took the Sky cable car to 1300m. It was another rare sunny day in this trip. We had some nice views up there. Afterwards, we drove to nearby onsen towns for two other waterfalls – the Sou-taki and Budou-taki.

Imori-ike (いもり池)

Beautiful pond with reflection of Mt Myoko as in featured photo. We then headed to Nagano city, visited Zenkoji, returned car and headed back to Tokyo for weekend.


==> Part 6 ==>


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