JP 2018 April Hiraizumi

Visited World Heritage in Hiraizumi, which was fairly close to Hanamaki onsen by JR Tohoku local train in less than 1 hour.

From Hiraizumi station we took a shuttle loop bus stopping by Motsuji, Chusonji and a few other spots. As it was a rainy day, we visited the two temples only.

Motsuji (毛越寺)

As it was raining quite heavily at times, we skipped the treasure house and walked around the Pure Land garden in less than 1 hour.



Chusonji  (中尊寺)

Walked uphill in about 15min reaching the Treasure Hall. It contained some impressive treasures and artifacts. A video explained the Konjikido (literally gold-coloured hall) in details (in Japanese).  Not only was it covered in gold foils but also decorated by beautiful sea shells. Though it was much smaller than Kinkakuji in Kyoto, it was the resting place for 3 generations of the Fujiwara family.

The Konjikido nearby was housed inside another hall for protection.  Inside, all visitors could only watch it behind glass at a distance.     Photography was prohibited in both the Treasure Hall and Konjikido.



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