JP 2018 March Sakura Ibusuki

Picked up rental car in the city on next morning and headed south to Ibusuki, which is famous for its hot sand bath, apart from onsen.

Chiran (知覧)

Stopped by Chiran – a small town along the way, to visit former Samurai residences.  There were seven of them though we visited a few.


Kagoshima Park

After lunch, visited Kagoshima Park in southern Satsuma Peninsula for various Spring flowers.


Kaimon-dake (開聞岳)

Not far from the Kagoshima Park is a viewpoint for cone-shaped Kaimon-dake, which is highly prominent while driving in southern Satsuma Peninsula.



Uomi-dake (魚見岳)

On next morning, headed uphill where plenty of sakura trees were planted in a park. The sakura were in full bloom and at the top it offered panoramic views of Ibusuki.




Lake Ikeda is the largest lake in Kyushu, stopped by before heading north to Kirishima.


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