JP 2019 May Mt Aso

Visited Mt Aso in mid-May for new lush green in Kusasenri, along the rim of the giant ancient caldera, and Azaleas. Stayed in onsen hotel for 2 nights (Aso Uchinomaki onsen), fairly close to sightseeing spots in Aso by car.

Though the volcanic level has been raised to level 2 since April, the road up to the Mt Aso ropeway station was open, though ropeway and road further uphill to the crater were closed.

The white fumes rising from Nakadake (Central summit) was quite mild, compared to the black smoke and volcanic ash in Sakurajima (Kagoshima) when we visited in March 2018.



Komezuka, Nekodake and lush green scenery from observatory decks along the northwestern rim of the ancient caldera along Milk Road.



Azaleas in full bloom in Mount of Longevity garden (長寿ヶ丘公苑のつつじ)


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