JP 2022 Dec Tokyo (Part 2)

On the next day we visited the teamLab Planets in Toyosu.

I had visited the teamLab Borderless in 2019, but sadly it was closed in Aug 2022.  Though we already possessed e-tickets, we had to line up with others which took about 15 min before admission.

All visitors were required to remove their shoes and socks to be stored in large lockers. Short pants were provided (for free) to access corridors and rooms filled with water up to shin level.  Amazing visual effects were deployed.  We enjoyed it and stayed for 1 hour+.




Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho

Dropped by it after lunch.  Much to our surprise, roses were blooming, as in early May 2018 when we last visited.  Strolled around Akasaka – it seemed more boutique hotels have sprung up, apart from new and old familiar shops.  It was amazing that one local patisserie still attracted a long line – as in the past. Went for a coffee break in a nearby local cafe. 




Returned to Hong Kong on the next day.  Overall, it was a great holiday and Japan has resumed normal in many aspects. 


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