JP Koyo 2016 Shosenkyo

Shosenkyo (昇仙峡)

visited Shosenkyo for the 1st time.  Picked up rental car from Kofu station and drove about 30min uphill. Koyo was peak in mid Nov when we visited. Lucky it was a sunny day, Koyo was gorgeous well beyond our expectations 🙂

Senga-taki (仙娥滝)


Kakuenbo viewing area (覚円峰)

Parked car in nearby parking lot. Followed the walking trail slightly uphill for about 30min and arrived at the Kakuenbo viewing area. Leaves were in a multitude of colours in the afternoon sunlight.


Nagatoro-bashi (長潭橋)

Before heading to Fuji 5-lake, stopped by Nagatoro bridge and it was well worth it.


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