JP 2016 Oct Tohoku (Part 3)

Yamagata Zao (山形蔵王)

arrived at Yamagata Zao onsen town. Took Zao ropeway to Juhyo-Kogen station.  Took lift and hiked to Iroha-numa in about 20min for Koyo. 


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Okama (御釜)

drove along the Zao Eco-line with nice Koyo views around 1400-1500m. Reached a car park and took lift to Okama at about 1700m.

Had seen photos of Okama before but was stunned at its huge size. The crater lake was filled with turquoise water and it was truly beautiful,  with a backdrop of blue sky and moving white clouds in the distance.

Hiked for about 15min to reach the summit of Toggata @1759m. As usual, there is a small Jinja up there. Though it is a normal weekday, there were many visitors, while the nearby payable car park was full. on the way back to Fukushima city to return car, stopped by a waterfall viewing deck then Toggata onsen town, which I last visited in 2001 for day onsen.


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3 thoughts on “JP 2016 Oct Tohoku (Part 3)”

  1. Hi, great photo. We plan a trip in hokkaido 28 Oct – 9 Nov, can we see this beautiful autumn foliage scenery ? Thank you and hope to hear from you.

  2. hi,
    Thank you for the compliment. Have been visiting Italy for the last 3 weeks and just landed this am.
    In general, koyo would be finished in Hokkaido from early Nov. In late Oct, head to Sapporo or Hakodate.

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