JP 2016 Oct Tohoku (Part 2)

First visit to Dewa Sanzan (出羽三山) in Tsuruoka (鶴岡), in northwest of Yamagata Prefecture, not for fall foliage but for 3 famous sacred mountains. Visited 2 of them in this trip.

Hagurosan (羽黒山)

This is the mountain which opens all year round and is easily accessible by bus to the mountain top, where there is a Haguro-san Shrine (三神合祭殿), which houses the deities of the 3 Dewa Sanzan shrines. At the foothill, there is a 5-storied pagoda (五重塔) and the Zuishinmon (随神門), where the approach to the Haguro-san trail begins.

Yudonosan (湯殿山)

The other sacred mountain symbolizing “rebirth”.  Drove via a toll road and took a shuttle bus and started a short walk to the inner shrine. The inner shrine area prohibits photography – all the photos were taken outside of that area, and where all visitors are required to follow a purification ritual on bare feet.  This is unique among all the shrines I have visited in Japan.

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