JP 2017 May Wakayama

Our 2nd visit to Wakayama since 2013. This time we visited World Heritage Koyasan and 3 Kumano Taishas before returning to Shirahama and Osaka.

Our overall itin – KIX > Wakayama > Koyasan > Kii Katsuura > Shirahama > Osaka/Tennoji, day visits to Kyoto/Kurama, Kibune
Driving itin –  Wakayama > Koyasan > 3 Kumano Taishas including Shingu > Kii Katsuura > Shirahama


Picked up rental car in Wakayama city and drove uphill to Koyasan. Visited Garan, Okuno-in and Kongobu-ji. Stayed overnight in temple for the first time.

Koyasan (高野山)



Temple stay in Ichijo-in (高野山 一乗院)

This was our first temple stay, which has been held up as most temples do not offer room with own toilet and bathroom, until we found Ichijo-in which does. Though we are well used to shared bathroom as in onsen ryokans, not having a toilet in a room is a big NO. 

Vegetarian meals were served. Dinner was served from 17:30, which is the earliest dinner we ever had in Japan – luckily we checked in after 4pm or else we might have missed it !  At 6am on next morning bell rang to summon all for morning prayers while room was prepared for breakfast serving. The morning prayer lasted for 1 hour and was attended by about 30 people.


==>  Kumano Kodo   ===>


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