JP 2017 Sakura Kyoto (Part 1)

Visited Honshu in 9 days for sakura around mid-April targeting some of the late blooming sakura varieties in Kyoto.
After Kyoto, we visited Takato castle-ruins, 2000-year old Jindai Sakura, Fujigoko, Fujinomiya areas before returning to Tokyo.

However, it turned out that the actual peak blossom dates in 2017 were roughly back to yearly average or few days later than normal in some locations.

Maruyama Park (円山公園)

Headed straight to the park right after hotel checkin. Sakura was in peak blossom while many locals and foreigners were wandering around taking shots, or having snacks/drinks in the park enjoying “Hanami”. It’s always nice watching sakura while soaking in this ambience, and to visit our old friend – the tall Shidare-zakura tree in the centre of the park.


Nijo-jo (二条城)

Visited World Heritage Nijo-jo on next morning, including the Ninomaru Palace and beautiful landscape gardens with mainly the pink Yaesu and Yaebeni-Shidare-zakuras in peak blossoms.



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