JP 2017 Sakura Kyoto (Part 2)

Ninna-ji  (仁和寺)

The original intention was to visit the Omuro sakura in World Heritage Ninna-ji for late blooming sakura. However, as bloom dates shifted later this year, only a few of those sakura trees have started blooming. OTOH, we were surprised with a variety of Kanzan-zakura whose petals are larger, in purple-red and quite different from the other Kanzan-zakuras elsewhere. At first glance, they looked akin to Tsutsuji (Azaleas) than sakura, though the tag stated otherwise.



Heian Jingu  (平安神宮)

3rd visit for sakura with predominantly the pink Yaebeni-Shidare-zakura which were close to full bloom. While in our last visit in 2015 we caught sight of a Japanese wedding couple, this time a white crane was in the pond for over 10 minutes posing gracefully for its lucky audience.



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