Korogi hashi

JP 2022 Dec Ishikawa (Part 1)

On next morning we drove to Kanazawa, but first we dropped by Kakusenkei, Yamanaka onsen about 40 min away.  It was smooth driving on national roads in light traffic.


Kakusenkei (鶴仙渓)

Trekked along a short trail of about 1.5km at the bottom of the gorge pleasantly.  We crossed the gorge via the purple metallic Ayatori bridge and returned via the traditional Korogi bridge (in featured photo).

From time to time we bumped into locals – babies, kids to seniors. Guess some might be staying in the ryokans of Yamanaka onsen.

The stream was in turquoise in some sections, dotted by fall foliage here and there. 



Yamanaka onsen (山中温泉)



As it started to rain, we drove to Kanazawa and returned car.


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