JP 2022 Dec Ishikawa (Part 2)

Checked into Hotel Nikko Kanazawa (2nd stay in this hotel) for 2 nights. Unfortunately, it’s been raining day and night with occasional thunderstorms, apart from getting chilly. Thus we were less keen for sightseeing. 

This was our 5th stay in Kanazawa.



Visited the Omicho market before lunch time.  It’s good that it was as busy as in our previous visits. 

Had a slightly early lunch in our fav sushi shop before line appeared.



While strolling around the market, couldn’t help stopping by for fresh sashimi 🙂



When rain stopped for a while, dashed over to the Kuromon store opposite to the market. Enjoyed coffee and macha cake in a local tea house.



Left Hokuriku with fond memories.




=====>   Tokyo   =====>






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